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Conscious Spirit


Артикул: 12322/15220

Цена: 1826 руб.

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Русскоязычное название : Оракул Осознанного Духа , Оракул Дух сознания , Дух сознания
Оригинальное название : Conscious Spirit , Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck 
Год : 2013
Составители : Kim Dreyer
Издательство : U.S. Games Systems, Inc
Производство : США
Состав :  44 карты и 44-страничный буклет на англ. языке
Размер карты : 135х90х30
Язык : английский
Покупка Почтой только по 100% предоплате !
Оракул, созданный художницей Ким Дрейер, рассказывает нам о сверхъестественных спутниках, которых мы можем встретить (и конечно же встретим) на наших духовных путях. Цель оракула - помощь на этих нелегких дорогах, ведущих к более глубокому осознанию реальности и жизни в гармонии с миром. 
 Dreyer states that this deck was created to honor, celebrate, and reconnect to Nature, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine in all her forms: the angel, fairy, goddess, the maiden, mother, and crone. The cards in this deck were arranged to take the reader on a sequential journey to help the reader to awaken and discover their own unique path.
The cards are meant to assist an individual in making lifestyle changes that bring them into alignment with their higher self. The cards are meant to gently share their wisdom with you, as well as the wisdom of the universe, allowing the reader to find their soul purpose.
In the LWB (the Little White Book/companion book), the cards are presented with text only, giving the card number and name, the affirmation, and a description of the card’s energy.. For Archangel Gabriel the text reads:
“I invite the Archangel Gabriel to bring hope and intuition into my life.
This card is a reminder to you that you can call upon the angels to assist you in your life, irrespective of what your beliefs are. Archangel Gabriel can be called upon to show you ways to bring hope into your life when feelings of hopelessness set in. Gabriel can also be called to assist you to develop you natural feminine intuition. She will help you to develop appreciation and skills for art, music, and literature. If you are an artist or a writer, invite her into your life to help you find inspiration or motivation. This card could also be a sign that you need to take up art or writing as a hobby. Gabriel can also assist you in interpreting your dreams. She will remain by your side supporting your dreams and aspirations as long as you request her help. Her name means “God is my strength”. Invite Gabriel into your life when you need strength to follow your dreams