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Aquarian Tarot

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Русскоязычное название : Таро Водолея , Аквариан Таро , Водное Таро
Оригинальное название : Aquarian Tarot 
Автор: Дэвид Палладини (David Palladini)
Художник: Дэвид Палладини (David Palladini)
Издательство: US Games
Производство: США; Бельгия
Состав: 78 карт + инструкция на англ. языке
Язык карт: английский
Размер карт: 11,8 х 7,5 см
Год: 1988
Традиция: Уэйт
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 8 Правосудие 11
Категория: аналог Уэйта
Стиль картин: ручная роспись иллюстрация
Оккультные темы: Традиционное Таро
Рекомендации по применению: Введение в гадание
Предмет: духовная медитация

Другие колоды автора : Linweave Tarot , Таро Палладини - New Palladini Tarot (The New Palladini Tarot)

Водное Таро подходит для начинающих пользователей Таро, поскольку является классическим видом Таро , а также будет прекрасным пополнением коллекции любителей Таро
First introduced in 1970, the compelling art deco imagery in this now-classic tarot deck brought medieval tarot symbolism into the modern Aquarian age. Aquarian Tarot has remained a bestseller throughout the four decades it has been in print and still resonates today with those seeking transformation. 
“Man has always been interested in the mysteries of his unconscious and the future; whether consciously or not, he has always strived toward the light of transcendent life. The cards, in the universal language of symbols, explore man’s collective unconscious and its bearing on one’s personal life and growth. Whether the cards help one know oneself better or point one in a new direction, they add a new dimension to one’s experience of life.”
—from the Aquarian Tarot booklet by David Palladini
David Palladini was born in Italy but came to the United States at an early age and grew up in Highland Park, Illinois. He studied art and design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. A graphic artist, Palladini has designed and illustrated books, posters, magazine covers and tarot decks. In addition to the Aquarian Tarot, which has been in print for over 45 years, he also created the popular New Palladini Tarot. Palladini co-wrote Painting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladini. Mr. Palladini illustrated The Eyes of the Dragon By Stephen King, Twenty-Six Starlings Will Fly Through You Mind by Barbara Wersba, and The Prince in the Golden Tower by Florence Karpin. He has won numerous awards from such international groups as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the New York Society of Illustrators, and the Bratislava Biennale. He now lives in southern California, where he is a photographer and musician