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Tarot of Vampyres

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Оригинальное название: The Tarot of Vampyres
Русскоязычное название : Таро Вампиров
Автор: Ian Daniels
Художник: Ian Daniels
Издательство: Llewellyn Publications
Производство: США
Состав: 78 карт в комплекте с 312 стр. книгой на англ. яз
Язык карт: английский
Размер карт: 7 х 12 см
Год: 2010
Традиция: Уэйт
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы (скипетры), чаши (грааль), мечи (ножи), пентакли (черепа)
Карты двора: Дочь, Принц, Дама, Лорд
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 8 Правосудие 11
Категория: Вампиры; темная/готика
Покупка Почтой только по 100% предоплате !
Карты Таро Вампиров — новая вампирская колода, созданная британскими иллюстратор, Яном Дэниелсом. «Легенда вампира коренится в темноте и обольщении, но это стойкое послание происходит  из стойкой душевной жажды пить в вечном превосходстве». Искусство карт является ошеломляющим — романтичное, задумчивое и темное..
Review by Bonnie Cehovet
I don’t have a clue why, but things that have come to me lately in differing areas of my life all seem to be connected, in some way, to the UK. So it is with the “Tarot of the Vampyres” – author/illustrator Ian Daniels hails from the UK. Happy to say that all of the UK connections in my life seem to be working out extremely well, and this deck set is no exception!
Daniels set out to create a deck based on the Vampyre mythos, emphasizing the possession, exchange, and drawing in of different kinds of energy. He works within the traditional structure of the Rider-Waite Tarot, framing it against a Gothic background. His companion book, “Phantasmagoria”, is absolutely outstanding! I rate this deck set right up there with Robert M. Place’s “Vampire Tarot”, in quality of illustration, as well as research and presentation.
In his introduction, Daniels talks about the derivation of the title “Phantasmgoria”, coming from stage magician Etienne-Gaspard Robert’s “phantasmagoria”. Robert’s work had to do with a type of magic lantern show with silhouetted puppets acting out macabre drama. (Sends chills up your spine before you even get to the deck!) Shadows and apparitions would appear out of nowhere to scare the audience “literally out of their seats”!
Daniels goes on to talk about fear, and the Jungian concept of shadow. He feels that acknowledging our fears, and facing them, helps us to understand and overcome them. Often these fears reside in the shadow, or dark side of human psychological nature. Daniels notes that shadow issues are not always negative in nature, that positive traits can also be repressed if they are unacceptable within a family or social milieu.
While the Vampyre myth is a tale of gothic horror and romance, Daniels feels that it also illustrates “an encounter with the higher self on a personal level, with the eternal promise of self-realization and the eventual curse turned joy”. He goes on to talk about the need for times of hibernation and stillness, so that we can regenerate and realign ourselves with the essence of Spirit that pervades all nature.
The Major Arcana follows traditional titles, with Justice at VIII and Strength at XI. The four suits are Scepters. Grails, Knives and Skulls. The Court Cards are Lords, Queens, Princes and Daughters