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King Solomon Oracle


Артикул: 88117\15232

Цена: 1778 руб.

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Оригинальное название : King Solomon Oracle Cards
Русскоязычное название: Оракул Царя Соломона
Автор : Itzhak Mizrahi 
Издательство : US Games Systems
Год : 2012
Состав : 36 карт + инструкция на английском языке
Размер карты : 75 X 115 мм.
Вес : 140 г
Покупка Почтой только по 100% предоплате !
King Solomon Oracle Cards were inspired by the ancient seals that have become powerful symbols in the world’s religions. The 36-card deck taps into personal intuition to provide profound insights and answers to contemporary inquiries. The cards incorporate several types of symbols: Solomon Seals; angel names; Goatic symbols, which transfer information from the subconscious to the conscious mind; and ancient script identifying the “72 names of God” — the kabbalistic names, which represent strengths. No special expertise is required to use the deck for personal daily readings. The cards bestow powerful insight into current situation and future outlooks.
The King Solomon deck also includes four personal amulet cards. These charms are written in Angel’s writing and ancient Goatic symbols by kabbalist Itzhak Mizrahi. The four amulet cards relate to: livelihood, relationships, health, and security.